GCell® Autologous Adipose Tissue Suspension-SVF

GCELL Autologous Tissue Suspension-SVF, one of the latest methods in tissue renewal is an effective method used in tissue renewal process where the person’s own tissues are gone through an operation within a special device. This method which has an important role in the prevention of hair loss is based on the activities of refreshing, rejuvenating and strengthening the cells in face, around eyes, neck, chest and hand areas. Additionally, it is a new and safe method based on the capillary vessel and tissue renewal therapy preferred in the removal of acnes, acne scars and other scars and chaps on skin and lip plumbing operations.

GCell® produced for the application used in the rejuvenation process tissues in the body in general sense is a device specifically produced to apply the tissues received from the patients for renewal process in clinical environments. The application is for one-session.

This method was resulted from many clinical studies based on the presence of cells found in tissues in high amounts and that of stem cells and other cells that support them. Entire process of collecting the cells, preparing the tissue suspension and homogenization and activization is completed through physical processes.

This method is used in algology, dermatology, dental diseases, physical therapy, gynecology, cardiovascular diseases, orthopedics and hair treatments.

How long does the application take?

Autologous Tissue Adipose Suspension-SVF Procedure is highly comfortable and carried out within 30 mutes approximately by using local anesthesia in clinics and let people go back to their daily activities right after the application.

Capillary vessels that feed the hair roots start to be renewed after the application. Accordingly, the tissue which has been fed through this application start to recover with the impact of the progenitor cells added inside. Since the process is biological, it varies for everyone and its effects start to be observed after 3 or 4 months. However, visible effects are obtained nearly after 6 months following the operation.
It is approved by the Ministry of Health and is CLASS 2A CE Certified.
The Usage Areas of GCell Autologous
Algology, Dermatology, Dental diseases, Aesthetic and plastic surgery, Physical therapy, Gynecology, Cardiovascular diseases, Orthopedics, Hair treatments

Frequently Asked Questions About GCell Autologous

Can GCell® Autologous Tissue Suspension-SVF be applied to everyone?

Yes, GCell® Autologous Tissue Suspension-SVF can be applied to everyone.

Do I feel pain after the procedure?

You may feel a slight pain for only 24 hours after the procedure. So, you are recommended to use painkillers by your medical doctor.

Is GCell Autologous Tissue Suspension-SVF a surgical operation?

It is not a surgical operation. It is an advanced and comfortable treatment that ends within 45-60 minutes in a clinical setting.

Where adipose cell is taken in GCell Autologous Tissue Suspension-SVF Method?

Adipose tissue is taken from the abdominal region by lipo-aspiration method by using a cannula.

Do I feel pain during the procedure?

You will not feel any pain since local anesthesia will be applied before the procedure.

How many sessions will GCell® Autologous Tissue Suspension-SVF take?

It is a one-session application.

Should I follow any specific diet or a prohibition affecting my social life after the GCell Autologous Tissue Suspension-SVF Procedure?

Any diet does not require to be followed. However, alcohol consumption is prohibited for only 48-72 hours, you should not take shower or should avoid from using Turkish bath, sauna, solarium for 3 weeks.

Does the procedure have any side effects

Any harmful side effect is not expected to happen since completely the person’s own
tissue is used. We have not notified about any side effects or allergies in our patients who
have been treated so far.