GCell® Autologous Tissue Suspension-MicroGraft

GCell® Autologous Tissue Suspension-MicroGraft is a new method based on capillary and tissue regeneration therapy in fighting against hair loss and tissue renewal. In this method, a tissue suspension obtained from the autologous cells of person is used to renew hair
skin and tissues.
GCell® Autologous Tissue Suspension-MicroGraft Method is a reliable and effective method developed recently in order to struggle against androgenetic alopecia and other hair loss problems. The application is for one-session.

What is GCell® Autologous Adipose Tissue Suspension-SVF?

GCELL Autologous Tissue Suspension-SVF, one of the latest methods in tissue renewal is an effective method used in tissue renewal process where the person’s own tissues are gone through an operation within a special device. This method which has an important role in the prevention of hair loss is based on the activities of refreshing, rejuvenating and strengthening the cells in face, around eyes, neck, chest and hand areas. Additionally, it is a new and safe method based on the capillary vessel and tissue renewal therapy preferred in the removal of acnes, acne scars and other scars and chaps on skin and lip plumbing operations.

Platelet Rich Plasma

Platelets, or platelets, are blood components that contain the growth factors necessary to repair damaged tissues in our body and return them to their natural state. When any damage occurs in our tissues, our blood starts a repair process by collecting platelets in this tissue. The purpose of PRP treatment is to give much more platelets to this target tissue than can be transported by blood circulation.

GCell® Organic Growth Factor

It has 13 Natural Plant Essences and it is patented. It helps to stop hair loss, strengthen hair, gain hair volume, support new hair formation.