As Global Biomedical, in August 2014; We started our working life in Arnavutköy in order to operate in the health sector and we continue our activities by moving our center to Halkalı in 2017.

In our ever-growing structure, we are constantly increasing the product range that we mediate in the trade.

In our product selection preferences to include in our portfolio, we pay attention to products that will facilitate the work of our doctors and increase their success in their working lives. In our selections, we carefully examine the studies and inspection reports, as well as the quality standards that the products must meet.

With the desire to stand out with the service we provide as well as our products, we continue our trainings to continuously improve ourselves. We continue to invest in our training and the development of our organization so that our services in the sector can continue to increase in the future.

We believe that individuals and institutions that predict their future and make their plans in this direction can benefit our industry and our country and continue their activities in this way. We have the desire and desire to develop a level relationship with all the people and institutions we operate commercially and to be an element of trust. We are working to bring our country’s health economy to the place it deserves by adopting this desire and desire to our sector as well as ourselves.

As the Global Biomedical Family, which is always open to the opinions and suggestions coming from all our interlocutors, especially our customers, we will continue to work in the same line from now on.